Frequently Asked Questions

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User Questions

I-GUIDES® has a built-in lookup that queries the UID Registry. From the View UID screen just click on the Registry Check button.

To lookup many UIDs at one time, click on Tools / Registry Lookup and type (or paste) a comma separated list of UIDs. Up to 200 UIDs can be checked at one time.

A user may or may not be able to setup a new label template. User priviledges are managed by your administrator.

A user may or may not be able to register UIDs with the UID Registry. User priviledges are managed by your administrator.

A user is able to transfer UIDs to another environment.

I-GUIDES® manages the uniqueness of IUIDs across an enterprise. It may be configured to auto-serialize or not but either way, uniqueness is assured.

Contact your administrator to reset your password.

Yes, I-GUIDES® can populate laser templates to drive laser marking equipment.

Yes, I-GUIDES® is on our GSA.

Administrator Questions

Environments are unlimited. An Environment can be created for a person, a group, a program, a location, a supplier or any other logical entity that suites your business process.

I-GUIDES® includes a lookup for users to see if a UID exists within your enterprise and if so what Environment it is in. No other information about the item is accessible to that user. However, users can be associated with multiple (any number of) Environments.

I-GUIDES® employs SFTP to convey data to the OSD UID Registry. The transmission is done utilizing your organization's GEX/IRAPT account, no other entity has access to your data.

The first step to configuring a printer is to select a connection method. I-GUIDES® is highly configurable and can connect to printers via; USB, TCP/IP and FTP. Further, I-GUIDES® can print files via Bartender, a standard browser or directly to an integrated printer in the printer's native language. Contact us to discuss all the print methods and determine which method is the best for your application.

Absolutely! I-GUIDES® allows for an unlimited number of Custom Fields to be created, each with its own data type. Custom Fields may be configured as required or optional and are individually assigned a validation; none, basic or advanced (a comprehensive REGEX definition).