Beyond Compliance

Custom Field Creation

Administrators with proper permissions may add fields to the database structure which means no development costs or delays. Custom fields can be leveraged by an organization in a variety ways enabling utilization of the UID beyond a mandate.

Custom Field Uses

  • Asset management Fields
  • System Aliases
  • Asset Location
  • Additional Barcode Elements
  • Date triggers
  • External Reference
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Document archive/storage

Custom Field Types

Custom Field Controls

  • Custom Field Types enable precise formatting of each field
  • Fields are individually configured as Required or Not Required
  • Validation controls are set per field as None, Basic or Custom (RegEx)
  • Fields are added instantly to the database structure upon creation
  • Custom fields are environment specific, allowing a tailored approach for each user group

This is a sample of a Customize Fields configuration.

Platform for Utilization Beyond Compliance

  • Custom Fields, by environment, enable UID relation to key fields in legacy systems which buffers policy evolution at I-GUIDES®, not the support system
  • Leveraging Custom Fields as primary keys for legacy system creates a relational roadmap from the UID to the supporting systems
  • Mobile platforms securely access live data (manuals, trigger dates, location, etc.) through nothing more than a browser
  • I-GUIDES® manages IUID policy for lifecycle management automatically, streamlining the lifecycle update process